Print-On-Demand Services


3D Print on Demand Services

We offers FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D Print-On-Demand services ftom Tallahassee, Florida, priced at just $3.00 per hour machine printing time, plus a minimal setup charge.

We currently have 4 different printers, with varied capabilities:
  • Supported materials:   PLA, PETG, ABS, and other types of material
  • Print resolution:          From 80 uM to 200 uM (~.003” to .008”).
  • Build Volume:            
    • Delta: 280x600mm (~11x23.5”);
    • Cartesian: 300x300x400mm (~11.8x11.8x15.7”)
Other sizes and technologies are available from our partners, but pricing may differ.

We provide different quality levels at each resolution based on your specifications, and desired finish of the parts. Please note that nice-looking, high quality fine prints, that are ready for display with minimal post-printing processing, take longer to produce than a quick draft quality print.

Our pricing model is a flat setup charge of $7.70 per item, plus $3.00 per hour of machine printing time. The hourly charge includes standard PLA or ABS filament that we have in stock at the time of order.

We usually carry filament in the following basic materials in the colors specified below: 
  • PLA                                        ABS                                       PETG

  • White                                              White                                              White
  • Black                                               Black                                              Black
  • Blue                                                 Orange                                           Orange
  • Orange                                                                                                    Yellow
  • Red
  • Yellow
We can special order and process most other FDM materials, such as PETG, Flexible, Nylon, Wood-Fill, Metal-Fill, etc, for an additional fee.

Our partners have access to other technologies and materials, all priced separately.

The minimum order quantity is 1 item, but we can process limited production runs of 100 items or more.

Please contact us for a quote:

Dan Ouellet
Email:   Info@danosoft.com
Tel.:       850-296-7520

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