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You have come to the right place to learn more about us, our 3D printable designs, our models and our projects!

Founded in 2001 by Mr. Dan Ouellet in Tallahassee, Florida, our parent company Ouellet Consulting Inc., a contract engineering and consulting firm, was created to specialize in manufacturing, systems engineering and network designs.

Early on, it became evident that we required a live testing environment on the Internet. Therefore, the domain "danosoft.com" was registered to be used as such. For over 15 years, a lot of technology worked quietly in the background gathering data for our internal use.
The introduction to market of new inexpensive 3D printers in 2015 peeked our interest in the 3D printing revolution. This, along with our lifelong passion for all things aviation, including model aircrafts, led us to decide to enter the field and design flyable models that could be downloaded from the internet and printed at home.

To this end, we acquired our first 3D printer in 2016 to learn all we could about printing with various filaments, engineering and designing objects specifically optimized for 3D printing.

Along the way, we realized that many other 3D printable designs could be useful and beneficial to the public. Therefore, in parallel with the 3D printable models we had in development, we began to design other objects to be used around the house and the workshop.

In late September 2019, we launched a new store on My Mini Factory  for our 3-D printable designs.


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